Luxury Penthouse Rooftop Elevator Shaft Exterior Facade

Neolith Surfaces Ventilated Strongfix Exterior Facade

The Strongfix system is a mixed hidden longitudinal fastening system (chemical and mechanical), which works by the compression exerted by the system on the back of the Neolith tile.

These tiles are industrially mechanized in a longitudinal profile at the top and bottom of its backside with a double 45 degree groove in the shape of a dovetail where a couple of aluminum profiles are inserted and fixed with a MS adhesive putty in order to secure the Neolith tile. These metal profiles make up the hanging mechanism of the tiles and result very beneficial given that they are very easy to extract and replace.

The system is composed by aluminum vertical profiles, supporting retaining brackets. Through the brackets it’s possible to install the aluminum “T” profiles totally flatness, thus correcting possible wall deviations of the facade to be coated.

The panels are hand set to a horizontal supporting profile with a mechanical longitudinal fixation system composed by two aluminum profiles fixation. This aluminum set becomes indivisible given the mechanizing method of the tile and the fixing of the profiles. This system eliminates the risk of Neolith slabs becoming detached from the structure in case of breakage. This is the reason why this system is considered the safest in the market.

Furthermore, the way in which the Neolith slabs are hung on the horizontal structure provides for perfect flatness and aesthetic finish.

The Strongfix system also allows for easy extraction and replacement when needed.

Neolith: Design, Durability, Versatility, Sustainability

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